Benefits of Sleeping Position on the left side for better Health

Benefits of sleeping Position towards Left

We all know that sufficient sleep is necessary for maintaining good physical and mental health. But do you know the proper sleeping position? Well, this article talks about the same. People sleep in different positions as per their convenience and comfort. But your sleep position plays a vital role in your sleep quality, So it means choosing proper sleep position is good to get maximum health benefits.

Proper sleep cycle plays a vital role in relaxation and boosting mental health. All phases of the sleep cycle are important But REM(Rapid Eye Movement) is most refreshing and beneficial for memory retention.REM sleep is sort of magical deep sleep, without deep sleep you will wake up with a headache and full of fatigue and it makes your whole day boring and dull.

Long term consequences of sleep deprivation are serious. If someone is not getting proper and sufficient sleep for a long time it may lead to some serious health issues like memory loss, low sex drive, heart ailments, blood pressure, irritability and many more.

There are different types of sleeping positions. Every sleep position has its own pros and cons. But if you choose proper sleep position you will get better sound sleep in less time than your ideal position. If you are looking to improve the quality of sleep you need to select the proper position to sleep. There are different types of sleep positions like back sleeps, side sleeps, Sleeping in the right position, sleeping on left position and so on. In this article, we are talking about the benefits of sleeping on left position.

Sleeping on the left side may bless you with good health and sleep. The root of this theory is in Ayurveda, which is one of the holistic approaches for medications and health, originated in India. But why we all are emphasizing on left posture while sleeping? Because it is good for digestion, back and even for the heart. There are much more benefits, let’s discuss them quickly:

It boosts the lymphatic system

As per Ayurveda, left-side sleeping posture allows easy flow of lymph liquid and waste through lymph nodes. Also, as per western research, left position helps in elimination of waste material. Conversely, right side posture minimizes the lymphatic system’s working.

Improves digestive system

Left side position facilitates easy flow of food from the large intestine to the colon (which means you more likely to have a bowel movement after waking), thus improving digestion. Left side posture permits natural hanging of pancreas and stomach, thus keeping pancreas enzyme production and other digestive activities up and running.


Keeps your heart healthy

Most of the doctors suggest pregnant women sleep on their left side for improving blood circulation to the heart. Even for men or women (which are not pregnant) sleeping on left posture is recommended to make lymph drainage in the direction of and aortic circulation away from the direction of the heart.

Beneficial for pregnant mothers

Apart from improving circulation in pregnant women’s body, left posture reduces backpressure. It also improves blood circulation to uterus, fetus and kidney. That is the reason why most of the doctors’ advice pregnant women to sleep on their left side for better health.


It can minimize heartburn

As per a study done by The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, sleeping on our left side minimizes acid reflux. And yes, this because our stomach is on the left side. Conversely, the situation may become worse on the right side. We can notice the effects immediately; if you feel heartburn after a meal, sleep on your left side for 10 minutes, you will feel better.

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It can reduce back pain

If you experiencing severe back pain, sleep on your left side, doing this will reduce pressure on the spine. Left side sleeping increases comfort which in turn gives sound sleep.

Bottom Line

So we understand how sound sleep plays a vital role to boost overall health and proper sleeping position has immense benefits. Since sound sleeps helps to boost the immune system as well which is must to fight against various viruses like COVID 19 and others. While all these aspects may sound compelling and you may start sleeping on the left side- but make a note that some people, especially patients of heart disease, glaucoma, sleep apnea may not get positive results from this trick. If you are unsure about sleeping posture, kindly take advice from the doctor.

If you are ready for the change, it will be difficult to adapt to the change quickly. Try to put a pillow behind your back, so that it will be harder for you to change the side while sleeping. Sleep on a comfortable mattress, as the combination of cosy bed with best sleeping posture will make you feel better in the morning.

Since sound Sleep plays a vital role in boosting mental as well as physical health.


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